Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online 2024

You can buy Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online 2024 at home. If you know the rules. Because currently technology services are doing all the work at home. Which is not outside the train ticket service. Today in this article we will share the train ticketing method according to the rules of 2024. So that you can book tickets in advance without suffering. You will know how to account, how to buy train tickets, how to make payment.

Also how to solve any problem? That is why we have arranged all the processes in this article. How to pay the train ticket again, how to return the ticket. You can know all the answers from our site

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online 2024

Get approval to supply through Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online 2024. As a result people collect tickets online for the service. You don’t have to queue for tickets like before. Bangladesh Railway is a government institution. Where thousands of officers have been recruited to provide online services. How to buy Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online? For that you need to enter Bangladesh Railway official website Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing service link. There you have to register with your NID card. You have to select the seat ticket. You can accept Bkash, Rocket, Dutch Bangla Bank services for payment. Collect the receipt you will receive when all the processes are completed.

In this way you can buy train tickets online. But here you are less likely to be cheated. But if you collect bulk ticket then you will not have any validity here. What time do you buy tickets? Because tickets are given in advance. do you know If you don’t know then you can check the train ticket timings below.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket  Booking Time 2024

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Booking Time 2024. When will you book the train ticket? Train tickets can be booked in advance for the next 4 days. But what if you do not get the ticket within this time? Must be upset. So we have a secret tip which we will share with you. The perfect time to buy ticket online is early morning to early morning. Because at this time everyone is sleeping or busy. Since the server is very light, tickets are collected quickly. The pressure comes when everyone enters the website to buy tickets online at the same time. Due to which the Bangladesh Railway server is down.

Why everyone wants to know when to buy tickets? Because the ticket is cut for travel or need. If you don’t get the ticket, the trip is not fun. Again many times suffer or suffer. So everyone competes for advance tickets.

How to do Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online

How to buy Train E-Ticket Online? For that you need to enter the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket service on the website of Bangladesh Railway Office. After entering the home page you have to fill the form with all the options. Then you will get a tick sitting at home without your permission. Are you afraid of buying train tickets? Then read the following rules once. Then there will be no problem while buying tickets by yourself. Let us know the rules step by step.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online 2024

  • 1 step. First you need to enter Bangladesh Railway website link
  • 2 steps. After the home page, you will see registration written above. Now you have to click there to register.
  • Step 3. Now you need to register. First you need to provide your name, email, mobile number, password, identification card, post code, address and sign up. Then you will receive an OTP on your phone and set it within 1 minute. Then the registration for buying your train ticket is done.
  • Step 4. You must enter the station to buy the ticket. Where to go from where to select. You have to select how many dates you want to buy tickets like Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. You have to choose which chair seat ticket you will buy. Next you will see how many seats are vacant in any train. Tickets will be selected depending on the vacant seats.
  • Step 5. Click on the seat you want to select. Then you will know how much money to pay, when the train will leave.
  • Step 6. How to pay now? If you want to pay by Bkash then click on Bkash option. Then you have to enter the amount and provide the registration password.
  • Step 7. Then your ticket will be conformed.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Price

Bangladesh railway e ticket price will depend on the location. Because where do you go? He has made the rental price list of the place. Means the ticket price is not the same in all places. Here are the different locations. What is the total number of trains in Bangladesh? The number of trains in Bangladesh is 397. Among them, 104 are intercity, 253 are local trains and 40 are freight trains. These trains go to all places in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Online 2024

What is the price of Rajshahi to Dhaka train? The ticket price from Rajshahi to Dhaka is Tk 420. How much is the train price from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar? A new train has been launched here and its price is 720 rupees. You can also check the table below to know the Rajshahi to Khulna, Dhaka to Khulna, Joydevpur to Dhaka ticket prices. Registration Registration 2024 new rules will be discussed. New rules come out every year to prevent train cheating. Because a lot of tickets are hidden here. So that passengers do not get tickets. How to register the train anyway? For that you need to enter Bangladesh Railway official website What does it take to register now? You have to register with NID card or birth registration card. And the person to show the ID must be of age. You have to fill the form with all the information by entering the link. After filling the empty space, an OTP will come on your phone, you have to conform. Then your train ticket registration will be done. Then you can buy tickets anytime.

Railway Ticket Online

Great news if you want to buy train tickets? Because Railway Ticket is being cut through Online. As before you have to pick up the ticket along the line. If you want, you can book your seat tickets at home. You can buy tickets online from all stations in Bangladesh. What if you give the ticket back? Here you have to contact 6 hours before train departure. Then there are many passengers at the station who do not get tickets. You can sell tickets to them.

What does it take to buy a train ticket? Here’s your National Identity Card and an app to make payments. Then you can purchase tickets easily. Again you can buy train tickets by downloading simple apps. There is no suffering here. Because these are government apps which are dedicated to serve the common man. Also you can download Railways own apps. You can buy tickets for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November and December 2024 with these apps. How to check train tickets? Read more to know that.

Railway Online Ticket App Download

How to Download Railway Online Ticket App? To download railway ticket apps you need to enter play store. From there you will search by typing Railway Apps. Then many apps will come in front of you. Among them you can download railway apps or simple apps. Then you can easily buy tickets from these apps. Why download these railway apps? Because through apps you can buy tickets easily. Apps have become popular for this.

Railway Online Ticket Check

Have you conformed Railway Online Ticket? So how do you know that the ticket has been conformed? For that you have to check online. How do you check train tickets online? For this you need to enter railways own website link Enter and you will see the verify option above. Click there. Then enter the password you used to buy the ticket. Also mention mobile phone and NID number. Then it will show you all the information about the ticket. You will be able to know from where you will get on and off the train.

Then you can let us know if there is any problem. So enter the comment box below. Then you can express your opinion.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. How to do Bangladesh Railway e-ticket?

First you need to enter the railway e-ticket service on the Bangladesh Railway website. There you have to register. For which NID card will be required. Then fill in the blanks to give all your information. Now you have to pay then the ticket will end.

Q. How much is E-Ticket Price to Cox’s Bazar?

Ticket price from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar has been fixed at Tk 550. At present a new train line has been added from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Q. How much is E-Ticket Price from Dhaka to Chittagong?

Dhaka to Chittagong train ticket price is 450 Tk. But there are seat options here. If you want you can see separate price for AC, chair and stand seat.

Q.How much is E-Ticket Price to Rajshahi?

The Dhaka to Rajshahi train ticket price is Tk 370, AC Tk 700.