Birth Registration Online Application 2024-

Birth Registration Online Application 2024. Some new rules have been added to the birth registration official website. Due to which people are facing problems to register births. So how to apply for new birth registration? I have appeared today with all his information. So that you can easily fill the application form online. Also from here scroll down to know birth registration application form, what it takes to register birth, birth registration application, how to apply for birth registration online.

Birth Registration Online Application 2024

How to do Birth Registration Online Application 2024? For that you need to enter birth registration official website link Because there is only one government website to register births. Enter here and provide all the information of your child’s age, father’s name, mother’s name, address, district, upazila, country. Because the application process for handwritten birth registration card has been cancelled. Now to register the birth of your child you have to go to the nearest council and submit the application form.

Presently Bangladesh Government has given acceptance of writing on computer for making digital birth registration card. The earlier handwritten cards have been discontinued. But to register the birth you have to pay the fee. How much money must be paid for birth registration certificate? See below to find out how much the free will cost and how to deposit.

Birth Registration Fee

How much is the online birth registration fee? Birth registration fees are fixed depending on age. If your child is less than 45 days old then you can apply for birth registration for free. There is no fee to pay here. And if 45 days are over then the application fee is Tk. 25 for up to 5 years. And if you apply for birth registration from a foreign country then you have to pay a fee of 1 dollar. If the age of the child is more than 5 years then you have to fill the application form with a fee of Tk 50.

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What documents are Required to Register Birth?

What documents do you need to apply for birth registration yourself? Here you will need birth ticker card, birth registration card of father and mother. Also you will need documents depending on your age. If the newborn baby is less than 45 days old then the things that will be needed are given below:

Birth Registration Online Application 2024

  • Birth vaccination card
  • Parent’s ID card or birth card will be required
  • Phone number must be provided.
  • Also the child should provide the correct info.

If the child is between 46 and 5 years of age, the following is required to register the birth:

  • Child’s vaccination card
  • ID card number of parents
  • House holding plate no
  • Primary school certificate is good.

What to do if the child is more than 5 years old

  • PSC, GSC or SSC certificate
  • Birth registration card of parents if any.
  • If the candidate has ID card.
  • Doctor Birth Immunizations to verify age

How to Apply for Birth Registration Online

How to Apply for Birth Registration Online? To apply for birth registration manually, you need to enter their official website. Also, due to the new rules, people are facing problems in applying themselves. For them we will discuss all the rules to apply in a new way.

Birth Registration Online Application 2024

1. To apply for Birth Registration Online, first you need to enter site. There you will find new dashboard.

২. Then you click on birth registration option from there. See below and click on the next option.

3. This will give you a page. On this page, provide all the details of your child like name, age, address, father’s name, mother’s name, district, union, upazila correctly. After all the information is given, click on the next button below.

4. Now click next button below to submit your application form.

5. After filling all the information you will be given a page where there are options like if you are doing it for your child then click on Myself. And if you do it for others then click on other button.

6. You must select how you choose to register the birth.

৭. When the website asks to pay the fee then you have to submit the free through Govt SIM Teletalk.

8. After completing the application process you can submit the form. But before applying, download the birth registration file PDF.

Special Note: If you are not able to enter website login then you click Then you can enter the website without user id and password.

New Jonmo Nibondhon Application Online

To do New Jonmo Nibondhon Application Online you have to enter the official website. Because the official website is the only link where the application process works. And the new  Jonmo Nibondhon web protal link is Enter here to get User ID and Passport interface. No one knows this username and password except the union’s activities. For that you have to enter home page except this link. Then you can login without password.

Then in the same rule you have to provide all the information of the child. Or fill the form by providing birth registration card number, ID card of the mother. Then you have to pay the fee to download the file. Then you have to submit online. How many days will it take to get the birth registration card now? After applying you will be given in about 3 weeks.

Now what to do if there is a mistake while applying? You must apply for correction. You don’t have to do much for the amendment. Just like applying, you have to apply for correction again. Can you apply for correction of birth registration now? You can see below to know.

Frequently asked Question FAQ

Q. How much is birth registration fee?

Fees for online birth registration range from free to Tk 50 depending on age. It is given below.

AGE  Registration Fee
0 to 45 days  FREE
46 days to 5 years  25 tk.
5 years Over  50 tk.

Q. How to apply for birth registration?

To apply for the birth registration process, first you need to enter the link on the birth registration website. There you provide all the information of your child age, name, or mother’s name, address correctly. All information that will go must be given. Then you submit the application form by paying the fee.

Q. How can I check my date of birth online?

To check the date of birth of Bangladesh online, you need to enter the official web portal From there you have to select which union you have applied for. Search birth registration records there.