BRTA Driving License Check Online-

BRTA Driving License Check Online. Have you applied for a driving license? How to check if applied? To check BRTA license you need to use the applied QR code or apps. How will those who have applied for the license, paid the money be confirmed? For that you have to check online. Again you can check your information online. You will know whether all the information provided by you is correct.

How to check BRTA driving license online? All its processes will be informed through this post. So that you can check the license yourself. How to download driving license copy? Which apps to use to download. How to find the QR code? Go below to know all the information in detail to check the license.

BRTA Driving License Check Online

Do you know BRTA Driving License Check online? Yes of course, if you know the rules. BRTA will officially approve those who have given their biometrics for the license. And when will you get a license after applying? You can check it online or by DL checker apps. So how to check BRTA Driving License? For that you need to enter BRTA website link Then you have to login with BRTA service portal username and password. Then a page will appear in front of you. From there you have to click on the license application option. Then you will get E license option click there. Now your driving license copy will come. This way you can check the license online if you want.

Again you can check the license with apps if you want. How to check license with apps? Scroll down if you don’t know. Because all the processes of checking with apps are discussed here.

Driving License Check Online

Driving License approved by Bangladesh Government Department. It is a government directive which is valid for all countries. You must have a license to drive any type of vehicle. What are the benefits of a license? He must be competent to drive the vehicle. Because thousands of people are in danger due to inefficiency. For this the government has created a license to authorize as a car driver. So that skilled drivers can drive on the road. So how can you license? For that you need to apply to BRTA first. There they have to participate in driving and written test. If you pass their test you E-Paper Status form must be filled. And for the license you have to pay money. Now how to check driving license online? That’s why you need to know. Otherwise you will waste time checking. So before checking the license, you should know the rules well.

BRTA Driving License Status Check


  • First you need to enter BRTA official website link
  • Then login with your username and password.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Provide the license reference number.
  • Then you will see the license copy.

BRTA Driving License Status Check

Why do BRTA Driving License Status Check? The purpose of license registration check is to view the license information. If your information is wrong then you can correct it later. Again you can know when the license will be issued online.

Why do driving license? The only reason is when the police catch the car on the road. Police check when you drive on the highway. What do the police check here? Your driving license is checked. Check whether you have a license, whether the license is valid.

How to Check Driving License Status? You have to use online, DL checker apps and SMS to check license status. You need to check the license through the rules above.

Know the process of Driving License Status Check? Today we will provide below all updated information to check license status.

BRTA Driving License Status Check


  • First you need to enter BRTA official link  BRTA Service Portal.
  • Then you need to login to the website.
  • There will give your date of birth.
  • Then you will see your applicant license.

BRTA Driving License Check By SMS

There are several ways to check BRTA Driving License. SMS is one of them. You can check license number and reference number through SMS. Where to find the reference number? Reference number is given on your applied copy. You can collect from there. Again if you have license then you can check with license number. So how to check license through SMS? To check license through SMS you need to go to mobile option and type DL space reference or license number space 26969 cent.

Example: DL (space) 12345678 (space) 26969 to  sent

BRTA Driving License Check By DL Checker Apps

Many people look for apps to check BRTA Driving License? Do you know which apps to check the license with? BRTA DL Checker Apps developed by Bangladesh Government. You can check the license through these apps. Where to find DL checker apps? For this you need to download DL apps from play store. Then you have to provide your information there. How to check driving license with DL Checker? First you need to enter DL Apps. There you will get two options select DL number. Then you have to submit by providing the reference number. Then you will see your license photo. Here you will find three page page which you can download if you want. So how to download Driving License Check copy? Read more to know the download rules.

BRTA Driving License Verification  2024

BRTA Driving License Verification 2024 will discuss new rules. Because rules change every year. Application process, payment system and license check rules are updated. So why do you do driver’s license verification? The reason for license verification is whether the information is correct. Because many times they give wrong names and passport numbers. Which is a lot of trouble for you. So it is better to check the license before issuing it. How to do driving license verification? For that you need to enter online or apps. Again you go to online browser and type BATA link. Here you can do it through mobile or computer. There you can easily verify the license with your information.

Driving License Online Copy Download

How to Download Driving License Online Copy? You can use online and DL checker apps to download license. If you want to download e-driving license through online then you have to enter BRTA service portal. There you must provide your license reference number. Then you will be shown license copy image. There you will find three copies. Click on the image and you will get the download option. You can download and print like this.

Again you can download the license through DL Checker. Enter apps here and submit with your license number. Then you will see all the copies through the picture. There you will get the option to download or print. Thus you have to download the license online.

 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. How to check brta driving license?
To check driving license first you need to visit BRTA official website Then you have to login to the home page with the requested username and password. Then you can check the license with your reference number.

Q. How to download brta driving license copy?
For that you need to enter the BRTA website portal. You will need to check with your license reference number or license number. When the license copy will be displayed in image form. There you will get the option to download. You can print by clicking the download option.