Death Certificate Application Online-

You can do Death Certificate Application– You can apply for death registration online at home if you want. The current government has called for registration of people who die. Through which you can get many good benefits. So how do you do the Death Certificate Application? For this you need to enter Birth and Death Registration official website. There you can apply for free. So what it takes to apply, how to apply, how to correct the death registration, I will describe all the processes here. So that all of you can apply for death certificate by yourself. For that you have to read our entire post.

Death Certificate Application Online

How to do Death Certificate Application Online? For that you need to enter Birth Registration official website www. There you sign up with email to login. Then you can fill the application form with all your details. Why do the death certificate? A death certificate is a government-issued document that contains information about the person who died. So that the person is recorded as dead in the government records and all his assets are budgeted. No man can ever claim to be alive through it. This will not confuse the government and the people of the country.

Is it necessary to apply this now? Here will depend on you. Because the previous people don’t have a currency registration card, will there be any problem? The answer is no, but since the government directive now you have to register. Here you will get security in many government ways. Now can you apply manually? If you have doubts, you can know all the processes through this post. The reason is that below all the information will be displayed through pictures.

How to do Death Certificate Application Online

How to do Death Certificate Application? To apply for death, first you have to enter birth registration official web portal link www. There you will get the user name and password as a result of which you will not be able to enter this website. Because you don’t know when they ask for username and password. Only union council officials know this. But now this site has opened for public. So that they can apply themselves. And all the process of applying we will discuss below you can see.


Step 1. To apply for Death Certificate you first need to enter Birth and Death Registration official web portal link There you will find the home page. Click on death registration option from above you will get some options.

Step 2. Then the person registering the death must have birth registration card. If not then you need to produce birth registration card first. The birth registration card must be digital. Now you have to provide birth registration card number and date of birth. Below you will get a captcha fill it correctly. See below for the latest Click Next.


Step 3. Now you can directly see the information of the deceased person. From there you click on the select button. If you are prompted to confirm, do so

Step 4. Now you will get new interface where you will get country, department, office fill it. If you are from Bangladesh then Bangladesh. And if you are from abroad, write the name of foreign country. Click the Next button.

Step 5. Then you will get a new page. It will first ask you to give some details of the deceased person. Mention the date and cause of death in that room. Below you will see another room asking to write the name of husband or wife. You have to write Bengali and English language name there. Click the next button

Step 6. Place of Death Details option will be given and location at the time of death will be given. If you die at home then select home. Then the address of the dead person, district, country, upazila, union, village, post office, ward should be written. Click on the next button.


Step 7. Now a line will appear in front of you. Where written you swear that all information about the deceased is correct and that no previous application has been made. Enter the exact address there.

Step 8. State your relationship to the deceased. The related application should provide birth registration number, date, national identity card number. Then you have to attach the date certificate of the hospital.

Step 9. You have to provide mobile number. Click on Send OTP there. Then an OTP will be sent to your phone Enter that OTP number. Click on the submit button below.

Step 9. After submitting you will get a page. Save the application number written there. Because you can verify the death certificate by giving this number later.

Step 10. Now your task is to appear at the upazila office with this application number and the birth registration card of the deceased person.

Required for Death Certificate

Required for Death Certificate? Complete details of deceased person should be arranged before applying. Because the application cannot be completed without complete information. You have to prepare birth registration card of deceased person, death certificate from the hospital, give his mobile number.

Death Certificate Registration

Do you want to do Death Certificate Registration? Then you can enter our post link. Because now the server is open for public to apply. Can you register the death certificate yourself if you want? For that you need to enter birth registration government website There you publish with your email. Then fill the application form with the birth registration card of the deceased. Then the hospital will issue the death certificate. A number will be assigned to you if all the information is submitted correctly in the application.