IELTS Exam Date 2024 BD: Registration, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Preparation Tips,

Do you know what is IELTS Exam? IELTS Exam is to prove proficiency through English language. IELTS (International English Language Test System) where the questions are entirely in English. Through this exam, you have the opportunity to get admission in the best universities in the world. Do you want to know IELTS Exam Date? Today we will discuss the exam date in this article. So that students can check the date and take exam preparation. How to take IELTS Exam Preparation? For that you need syllabus which you will find in our post. Also from here you can know about IELTS Exam Date IDP, IELTS Exam Date 2024 British Council, IELTS Exam Registration 2024, IELTS Exam Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Preparation Tips and Result Score.

IELTS Exam Date 2024

IELTS Exam Date 2024. Why see IELTS Exam Date? Because without exam date or routine how can students take preparation. When will the test? When will the test be? All questions will be answered here. While checking the exam dates you will see two categories IDP and British Council. You have to select which section you will take the exam by looking at the exam date. If you want to sit for IDP exam then you have to follow America or USA schedule. Again if you want to take the British Council exam then you must master the British language.

Today we will highlight IELTS Exam Date Academy and General Training. Here you will find twelve month exam routine. Take the exam preparation in the month that suits you best.

IELTS Exam Date Overview

Month  Academic Date  Academic & General Training Date
January 13,27 6, 18
February 3, 15 10, 24
March 29(feb), 16 9,23
April 13,18 27
May 4,18 9,25
June 1,13 8,22
July 4,13 20,27
August 3,17  18,24
September 31 7,21

IDP IELTS Exam Date 2024

IDP is IELTS Exam conducted by USA. America will handle everything if someone checks in this section. Here you need to register before the exam. But when will the registration and examination? For that you need to know the exam date. You will get two options to see the exam date namely Academy and General Training respectively. Now you can comment which section you will take the exam.

British Council  IELTS Exam Date 2024

IELTS Exam Date British Council Academy and General Training Institute Bangladesh has appeared. If you want to take the exam from Bangladesh then you must check our exam date and take preparation. Because exam preparation is only when you get the exam routine. And here the exam date is the exam routine. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, all Asian countries can take exam preparation by following this routine. But especially Academy and General Training Center will choose the date accordingly.

IELTS Exam Date 2024


Why is the IELTS test necessary?

English is the international mother tongue of the world. English language is used in almost all countries of the world. In Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, you must have English language skills to work or obtain a degree. Because here is an English dependent country. Therefore, if you want to go abroad for a degree, you have to take the IELTS test. Students applying for a UK Education Visa and Immigration (UKVI) visa must take the IELTS test. Your score will play a special role in the exam. Because the test score allows you to live permanently in any country. So will be able to approach and get degree abroad through IELTS test.

IELTS Exam Registration 2024

Are you interested in taking the IELTS Exam? If you want to take the exam then you need to register first. Because when you register you will be given permission to take the exam. The question is how to do IELTS Exam Registration? If you want to register, you have to do it through an organization through online. For that first you need to enter IELTS official website. Do you know IELTS official website link? IELTS website link is Enter the website and click on registration from there. Then there you will get two options IDP and British Council. You must keep your passport. Because passport is the main condition for IELTS Exam registration. All your data will go there and then you will be informed about the exam date.

Exam Name  (IELTS ) International English Language Testing System
Official Website  https://
Most popular country   Australia, New Zealand, and UK
IELTS Exam Fees  BD 22,500 TAKA
IELTS Score 9
IELTS Contact
EXAM TYPES  Academic and General Training

IELTS Exam Fees 2024

You have to submit the registration fees when applying for IELTS Exam. After paying the P deposit you will be informed about the exam date. How much is IELTS Exam Fees for Bangladesh? A fee of Tk 22,500 has to be paid for Bangladesh. However, different fees have to be paid depending on the exam category. If you want to take the exam through the academy then you have to pay 22000 thousand and general training fee 22500 taka. You will have to pay the fee as many times as you apply. How to submit IELTS Exam fee? The institution you apply from will pay the deposit via Rocket or PayPal.

IELTS Exam Eligibility 2024

IELTS test has no catch barrier Eligibility. But you must have passport before applying. Because passport number will be required while applying. Also here any person of all knowledge can apply. What is the age requirement for the IELTS test? Minimum age here is 16. Then you can apply for a degree or immigration abroad. What Eligibility Does IELTS Test Take? There is no qualification required if you can clear the exam then you can go. But you need strength of will and exam score if you want to study abroad.

IELTS Exam Syllabus 2024

IELTS Exam Syllabus Update No change. As before, the examination will be done through questions in four patterns: speaking, listening, writing, reading. Here you will get total score 9. IELTS Exam question time will be total 2 hours and 45 minutes in which written questions will be 60 minutes, spoken questions will be 30 minutes, spoken questions will be 15 minutes, listening questions will be 60 minutes. Here the exam mark is fixed as 40 and the score is arranged according to this mark number. Can you make the score? Any problem can be seen here.

IELTS Exam Preparation Tips 2024

Want to know IELTS Exam Preparation Tips? In fact, here are the tips to know. Because all the questions in the exam will be in English. As a result, you should know how to master any question easily. You can get good marks if you take the exam at any time. Here we provide Preparation Tips for each section of IELTS Exam. By reading all the questions you can easily know how to take the preparation. If you want to know about IELTS Exam Preparation Tips then check other post.

IELTS Exam Last Update 2024

IELTS Exam Last Update Nothing happened. But there is good news for education. If he failed the exam earlier, he had to apply again. And had to take the test again from the beginning. But currently you have to apply and take the exam on the subject that you will fail as a result of the update. As a result, students here will save money and time.


Q. Which month is better for IELTS Exam?

A. Sirs say January, May and November are good months for IELTS Exam. Because these months are the beginning, end and middle of the year. So that they can go abroad and settle easily. But the result will be the same no matter which month you give the exam.

Q. How much time to study for IELTS Exam?

Experts think that 45 days should be read properly for IELTS Exam preparation. Because they must read 5-6 hours a day then it will be good for them. Also you can read more if needed.

Q. Is the IELTS Exam 2024 Last Updated?

IELTS Exam Pattern has not changed. But some rule updates are coming. For example, if you fail in one of the speaking, listening, writing, reading questions, then you do not have to take all the exams again. You have to take the test on the subject you have failed on. Which is undoubtedly good news for students.

Q. What is required for IELTS test Eligibility?

Eligibility for IELTS test is not required. But your seat here must be 16. Then you will be accepted as an eligible candidate. You must also have your passport. No educational qualification is required here. If you are willing to immigrate abroad yourself. However, the IELTS test score must be respectable or qualified.

Q. Why is the IELTS test necessary?

If you want to go abroad, you must do IELTS. Because there you have to communicate so that they understand your language and you can understand theirs. Again if you go abroad for your degree then the books there are in English language. To understand which you need to know English.