IELTS Listening Practice Test with Answers

Today we have appeared with Listening Practice Test with Answers for IELTS candidates. IELTS usually has four types of   Writing Question, Speaking Question, Reading, Listening Question. All the topics are important to you. Here you will be given different question themes. Today this, I will discuss the post listening questions in detail. So that students can generate ideas from these questions. If you want IELTS Listening question Test 2023 Answers from here, IELTS Listening Practice Test with Audio Answers, IELTS Listening Practice Test with British Council Answers, IELTS Listening Practice Test with IDP Answers, IELTS Listening Practice Questions Answers, ielts academic listening test with answers, ielts Read carefully to see general listening test answers.

IELTS Listening Practice Test with Answers

Why do IELTS Listening Practice Test? Because this is a key point of your question. How to watch IELTS Listening  question Test with Answers? For that you have to go online and access their own website It is best to buy IELTS Listening book. Because there will be questions with answers and board questions. You can easily know the year in which the questions came in which institution. How much does the IELTS Listening book cost? If you want to buy books, you will get 5 dollars or 500 Bangladeshi taka. Go down to see the IELTS Listening Practice Test questions.

IELTS Listening Practice Test

Free IELTS Listening Practice Test from here. Because we have prepared the questions of different organizations with solutions. So that you can practice by reading the answers. How many marks are there for listening questions? Here you will get 40 questions which will be worth 40. And the score is arranged based on these 40 marks. Can you make the score? If not then take a look.

IELTS Listening Practice Test

IELTS Listening Score

IELTS Listening scores are sorted based on marks. How many marks you get how many points you get. All its processes and mark distribution are given below:

39–40 9
37–38 8.5
35–36 8
32–34 7.5
30–31 7
26–29 6.5
23–25 6
18–22 5.5
1-10 4

IELTS Listening  Question Test 2023 Answers

Want to see IELTS Listening Practice question 2023? If the answer is yes then read our article. Here I will discuss the listening question completely step by step. So that you can know about the question. Check out his answers below.

Questions  Nom. 1–4

Here you have to write the correct answers to the questions in the form of a table. Special Note: No more than two words or names can be written.

Questions 5–10

Here also you will be given a gap table and you have to match the answer appropriately. There will be no options. Note: Two answers cannot be given


Questions num. 11–15

Here you will get option help questions. You must write one of the correct answer signals ABCD. How many marks will there be? You have allotted 5 marks for this pattern.

Questions 16–20

Here you will find information about any event. What will the event be like? You should write the theme on that topic. Here each mark will be 1. Total 5 answers should be given. For example, Food, Culture etc.


Questions Num. 21–24


You will be given a follow-up based on the ending. chat should be written considering the benefits and harms. Again, if you are given a recommendation in the question, then you should write accordingly.

IELTS Listening Practice Test with British Council Answers

If you take the exam through British Council you can get admission in all universities in England. For that you have to pass the exam. Here all questions are through English. As a result those who take the exam from Bangladesh have to practice their language first. How do you prepare for listening questions? For that you need to know previous question answers. It will give you idea about your question. Is IELTS Listening required for a degree abroad? Yes because it is a part of IELTS test. See below to download IELTS Listening Practice Test with British Council Answers. Stay tuned for IELTS exam details. You can also collect IELTS Speaking Questions from here.

IELTS ‍Academic Listening Practice Test with Answers

Looking for IELTS Academic Listening Practice Questions? We have created PDF file with best questions of 2023. There will be listening questions if you want to appear in academy category exam or general training exam. So if you want to pass the IELTS test, you must take Listening preparation. How to collect listening question answers? For that you can  download online or from our site


Q. How many IELTS Listening questions?

ANS: There are total 40 questions.

Q. What is the IELTS Listening test mark?

ANS: IELTS Academic and General Training Listening test marks are 40.

Q. What is the IELTS Listening pass mark?

ANS: There is no fixed mark but above 5 is good for students.