IELTS Speaking Question 2024

Download IELTS Speaking Question 2024 PDF with answers here. This post is for students who are taking IELTS preparation for higher education or degree abroad. Because we have appeared with last year’s IELTS Speaking Question. Through which you can take preparation easily during this exam. If you want, you can collect all questions of IELTS Speaking topic from our website

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IELTS Speaking Question 2024

The IELTS test is conducted entirely in English. As a result, the English language has to be mastered well. You may know that the IELTS test consists of speaking, writing, listening and reading. Speaking Question is one of them. Where to find this Speaking Question? For this you need to buy PDF book. Otherwise you can download it online if you want to read or get idea about the question. IELTS Speaking Question 2023 Bangladesh check here.

What questions are asked in the IELTS Speaking ? Here you will be given 2 parts one is part 1 and part 2. Among them, you will be asked general questions in part 1. For example, childhood: What did you play as a child?
Flowers: Which flower do you like more?
Clothes: What do you think winter clothes should be like?
Sports: What sports do you enjoy?
Hobbies: What kind of hobbies do you have?

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Recent IELTS Exam Speaking Question 2024 Bangladesh

Are you looking for Speaking Questions for Recent IELTS Exam? Because from here it will be easy for you to understand question ideas and syllabus. How to pass the IELTS Speaking test? For this you have to try speaking with family and friends. Listen carefully to what the examiner asks in the exam room. After that you slowly start answering. But remember that the more you practice speaking, the easier it will be to succeed.


Many people ask how I get IELTS Speaking Exam 7? For this you have to take strict preparation. One must manage to speak such speaking. It will make your English speaking much easier. Also, if you want, you can get Recent IELTS Exam Speaking Question 2023 from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Asia. Again you can collect Recent IELTS Exam Speaking Question topics from 1 April, May, March, June, August.

IELTS Exam Speaking Topic 2024

What is the IELTS Exam Speaking Topic?  First of all interview questions about you like name, hobbies, education, family, money etc. Then you will be given a task card or cue card and then you will start asking questions. You have to give the answers to the examiner according to the card.


You may be asked questions about education and possible questions are:
What degree do you want to pursue?
What subject do you want to study abroad?
Describe any subject you like with reasons.

IELTS Exam Speaking Topic :

  1. Education,
  2. Work, hobbies,
  3. Family,
  4. Hometown,
  5. Sports, money,
  6. Food, dreams,
  7. Life,
  8. TV,
  9. Shopping, etc.

IELTS Exam Speaking Question IDP

What are the IDP IELTS Exam Speaking Questions? If you have taken the IDP Institute test, you must use the American language. Here you will answer the questions the examiner will ask. For this you have to enroll in IELTS course. However, the IDP must prove that they can communicate with each other for the exam. Because wherever you go for higher education, all subjects will be in English. Here you have to learn the conversations of your personal life before the exam. How to prepare for IDP IELTS Exam?

  • First you have to try to understand the language without memorizing it.
  • Then you have to master the simple languages well.
  • Try to say the pronunciations beautifully.
  • There is no reason to worry too much, because worry is not a good sign.

IELTS Speaking Test Sample Question 2024

IELTS test is administered by IDP and British Council. Because if you take the exam from IDP Institute then you can go to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and different European countries. And if you appear in the exam from the British Council Institute then you can go for higher education in England. No matter where you take the test, you must take the peaking test. For this, students look for IELTS Speaking Test Sample Questions. Do you want to know the IELTS Speaking Test Sample Question? Then you can collect them online from their official website. Do you know the IELTS link? Their website link is You can download IELTS Speaking Test Sample Question from this site.