NID Card Application Process 2024

NID Card Application Process 2024, Do you know you can apply for National Identity Card at home? Yes of course you can if you know all the processes completely. You may not be able to make it to voters outside or for work during the voter registration. Maybe you didn’t turn 18 when the voter was doing Halda. Due to which he could not fill the form for NID card on time. Now how to apply for Voter ID NID card? All its rules will be described in this article today. Also read attention helper to know how much money will be required to apply, what will be required to apply.

NID Card Application Process 2024

Today we will discuss about NID Card Application Process 2024 in this post. How to apply NID Card Application? For that you need to enter voter ID card official website Because it is the only web portal link to apply for NID Card. National identity cards are issued by the government. Here government employees work in groups at the district, upazila level. They go door to door to find out if there is a person eligible to be a voter. Here you can apply for free. While applying you have to write all the information as per birth registration. Because NID Card giving wrong information causes many problems later. For this you have to apply for NID Card correction.

So in advance you have to provide correct information while filling this application or form. Now the question is NID Card is necessary? Yes, because you need it as a proof that you are a Bangladeshi citizen. Again you can avail all government services through this card. Otherwise you will face many problems. So NID Card is essential for all the citizens of the card holder countries. If you can’t fill the form in the voter’s register officially, then you have to contact the upazila. And there you will be given a form to fill with all the information. All its processes we will discuss below you can follow.

How to NID Card Application

How to NID Card Application? For that you need to open a browser from computer or mobile phone. Then you have to type Enter this link and provide all your information. Those brothers who have applied in this way will be able to. But those who are new to enter this link will have trouble completing the information completely. Therefore I will share the complete discussion or information below. By reading which you can apply for NID Smart Card from home by yourself.

NID Card Application Process 2024

  • Step1 For NID Card Application, first you need to enter Election Officer official website link. Then you will get two options there no account and apply for new registration. You click New Registration Application from these options.
  • 2 steps: This will take you to the account registration form. There you have to write your name in English. Then fill the date of birth box below correctly. If necessary, keep the birth registration card handy so that you can fill the form correctly. All you need to do is calculate the captcha correctly.
  • Steps 3 Now you will be asked to provide a mobile number. Provide the mobile number you have.
  • Step 4. Now your mobile number will go to an OTP and you have to put it correctly. Click Next when done.
  • Step 5. Now you have to give username and password. So that you can view your voter ID card by logging into your account after application. Note: This username and password cannot be  NID Card check.
  • Step 6. Now go to your account and the details will be written there. Click on detail option to provide all your information.
  • Step 7. Now a form will appear in front of you. There will be three categories Personal, Other Information and Address. First you need to come to personal information. You have to write your name, gender, date of birth, blood group and place of birth. And while filling all these information verify with birth registration card.
  • Step 8. Here you can enter your father’s name, mother’s name, if mother has NID card. And if your parents died then mention the year of death.
  • Step 9. If you have an elder brother, give his name. If you are married then you must click on married option. Again in case of daughter you have to tick for husband.
  • Step 10. Now you have to come to other information category. There you have to write your educational qualification, what profession you are in. You can mention your driving license, body mark if you have it.
  • Step 11. Here you will enter all your addresses on address information. At the beginning you have to enter the name of the country. Then you have to fill in the address of the voter. If you are permanent then give permanent. Now provide your address district, upazila, village, union correctly.
  • Step 12. You don’t need to submit any kind of paper when you fill the form to apply. Click on the next entry below.
  • Step 13. Now you will get confirm option there submit. Remember to check all the information before you submit.
  • Step 14. Next you will be told profile pending. Above is the download option. You click the download option. Again, you should check the form carefully so that all the information is correct. If everything seems correct to you then click on the next option.
  • Step 15. When the application form comes up, you will go to column number 32 below. There are questions why you could not list voters? Write the reasons why you could not apply. Below is the signature box to see. Sign.
  • Step 16. You will now go to column number 34, there you will have to give the seal of your representative member or chairman. Now you have to submit this form to the upazila.

NID Card Registration Online

Do you know NID Card Registration can be done online. Many times Halda sits due to not being able to register on time. Because they don’t know that they can apply online from the upazila. Many people ask how much money it takes to register national identity? There is no fee to pay here. You can apply anytime after the Halda deadline. If you know the rules. So how to do NID Card Registration =? For that you need to enter National Identity Card official website All the steps from that website must be filled with your information. Especially do not misspell the year and name. Otherwise you have to apply again for NID card correction. Which is difficult for you.

NID Card Application Process 2024

Also if you want you can know all process of NID card application from our site Because we have discussed step by step with pictures above. So that is easy for you to understand. What does NID Card Registration require now? Scroll down to know its essential subjects.

Required for NID Card Registration

Required for NID Card Registration? Here you will need birth registration card, mobile, blood group, photo. Twenties don’t need anything like that. But it is better to have the certificate while applying so that you can provide all the information accurately. Also you can do all tasks without paying any items if you want.

NID Smart Card Application

The government is issuing smart cards to build a digital Bangladesh. Now all those applying are card smart. As a result, now there is no need to apply separately for the smart card. So how to do NID Smart Card Application? For the same process first visit the election officer website From there submit with all the information. When your NID card will be given then smart card will be given at the same time. Because since 2010, those who have applied have been given the smart card directly.