NID Card Check Online-

Want to Check NID Card Online? Then you need to enter the National Identity website. Because the website NID has given all the updated information. Do you know NID card official link? If you don’t know then read our post. Why people check NID card? NID card is checked and downloaded from online when required. Online check is done to verify NID card.

How do you check NID Card Online? For that you need to enter their website. You can also scroll down to download NID Card Check Online by Slip Number, NID Card Check by SMS, NID Card Check Online Bangladesh, NID Card Check.

NID Card Check Online

How to Check NID Card Online? For that you need to enter NID card official website There you have to provide your birth date, month, age. Then fill your voter slip number correctly. Enter a captcha below correctly. Then your new voter ID card will have all the information. Why NID Card Check? You may need NID card or check online to verify NID card. Because many times the name, year is spelled wrong, you can check it.

NID card is required for what? NID card is the proof of the country you are a citizen of. Without NID card you cannot take any government service. Also you need passport, ID card in case of employment. Before checking NID you need to apply for national identity. You can see all the application process given above.

At present NID card has been canceled due to the issue of smart card. Those who applied for NID card after 2010 will be given smart card. Which is about 2 crore voters. See below for detailed rules of NID card checking.

NID Card Check

Slips are given to those who apply to become new voters. You can check NID card online through this slip. Because if you need then you can extract NID copy. And you can download and use this copy through computer. How to Check NID Card? For this you first need to enter link. Here you can click on NID check option. Also you can check NID Card SMS, Slip Number, Mobile.

What is required to check NID card? To check NID card, your date of birth, slip number will be required. You can check ID card by yourself at home. How to check NID card Bangladesh? You can follow our rules to see its exact process.

How to Check NID Card Online

How to Check NID Card Online? To check NID card you need to enter Bangladesh election website There you have to submit with all the information. Then you can see the applied NID card. From here you can download if you want. Can you check it yourself? If in doubt then follow our steps with pictures below.

NID Card Check Online


  • First you need to visit NID server website
  • Then you need to provide the National Identity Card number.
  • Now you have to set the date of birth.
  • Place the code in the image correctly.
  • Click on submit button to check NID card.

In this way you can view and download your ID card. What to do if your ID card is wrong? For that you have to go to NID server and apply. Here is where to make your fee payment. How much is the fee to correct NID? There is no fixed fee. The more wrong your NID card is, the higher your fee will be. Currently all national ID cards are providing smart? How do you collect smart cards? Read the article carefully to know.

NID smart Card Check Online

NID smart card has been issued to around 7 crore voters in the last three years. What is the number of voters in Bangladesh? According to the latest census, the number of voters in Bangladesh is 13 crore. But those who do not have a smart card will have their voter ID card cancelled. So how to check NID smart card? The government has started issuing smart cards for them this year. As a result, voters will now get smart card if they search online with NID card.

You can check with council or online to get smart card. However, those whose NID card has expired will have to vote again. How to understand voter ID card expired? For that you need to go behind the NID card. There you will see that NID card expiry date is given.

If you really need NID card then you can check online. To view the National ID card online, they have to enter the server. Because their website has all the services provided. If you submit your voter ID number there, your laminating smart card will come. From there you can download the smart card.

NID Card Check Online by Slip Number

How to check NID card who applied for new voter. The date of photographing is given at the time of voter application. Slip number is given when photograph is taken for voter ID card on that day. Does this slip number work? If you want to download Luminating ID card online then slip number is required. How to Check NID Card Online by Slip Number? To check NID you need to enter NID Server Because it is the only website of the government department for national identity. There if you submit with voter slip number it will show ID card. You can download and print the ID card from there if you want.

NID Card Download

How to download NID Card? To download NID card you need to visit the website If you submit voter number and date of birth there, ID card will show. Above that you will find download option click there. Then your ID card will be downloaded. How do you download ID card from online? For that you need to know the voter slip number. Then you can download ID card manually.

NID Card Check


  • First visit the website
  • Click on the download option from the website home page.
  • Enter voter registration number there.
  • Then provide date month and year as per birth registration.
  • Now you have to fill captcha.
  • You can download or print by clicking the submit button.

Where to get NID Card PDF download link? You have to search online to get ID card download link. Then you will get the website link. How to check Bangladesh ID card? Read below to know all its rules.

NID Card Check Online Bangladesh

NID Card is working in all countries of the world including Bangladesh. ID card is an invaluable asset. If it is lost you have to apply again. Which is not the end of your suffering. How to check Bangladesh ID card? For that you need to enter Bangladesh Election Commission Office website There you submit with voter number, date of birth and password. Then if you have applied then the card will come.

What benefits will you get with NID card? If you go abroad then you must have a passport. You need NID card   apply for your passport. Again, if you want to do any government job, land register, government job, service, sim card, you will need ID card.

Again you will know whether your voter card has been applied correctly. For that you can use online. Also, if you have any problem to check ID card, you can comment on our website.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. How to check NID Card Check Online?

To check NID card you need to visit the official website There you have to give voter id number. Then provide your date of birth or date as per birth registration. Now enter your image code correctly. Then your applied ID will show on the screen.

Q. How to download NID Card?

To download NID Card visit the website Submit there with applied slip number and date of birth. Then your ID card will show. Above it is written see download. If you click on the download option, the ID card will be downloaded.