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Today we will discuss in detail how to do Passport Application Form Online in this article. So that you can apply yourself at home. A passport is a government document that allows you to travel abroad. Otherwise you will be arrested by the police of that country. So if you want to travel and go abroad, you need passport. So how to apply for passport online? For that you need to enter their official website. Then you will see all the processes there which are just processes for you. Now where do you get the website link? If you read this post carefully then you can easily link. Also from here you can e-passport application form online, passport application login, passport registration BD, How much does it cost to get a passport, what does it cost to get a passport, passport application rules, how to apply passport are given below.

E- Passport Application Form Online

How do you do Passport Application Form Online? To apply e Passport you need to visit Bangladesh Passport official website www.passport.gov.bd. Then you can go there and fill the application form with all the information. Why do you passport? Because if you go outside the country, you have to get official approval. Again obtaining approval through passport to prove your validity for travel, immigration and work abroad. Now the question is how many years can you get a passport? You must be 18 years old to apply for a passport. Then you will be eligible for Passport Registration.

What educational qualification is required to apply for a passport? No educational qualification is required here. However, if you are pursuing a degree or job abroad, you will need educational qualifications as per the conditions of that country.

How  to do Passport Application Form Online

How to do e-Passport Application Form Online? Passport online To register you need to visit passport official web portal www.passport.gov.bd. Then provide all your details name, father’s name, mother’s name, address, district, upazila correctly. Also for your understanding we will try to give all the processes below.

 Passport Application Form Online


Step 1. First you need to enter passport website https:// www.passport.gov.bd.

2. Then you need to sign up the website. For that you need to provide email.

3. The next step is to select the type of passport you want. Here you can see e-passport and MRP passport select.

4. Now you have to provide your identity information correctly. Especially according to the certificate or birth registration card so that no spelling, year is wrong. Because if it is wrong you have to apply for passport correction to correct it again.

Passport Application Form Online

5. Now you have to provide your current address and house information. You have to fill the form nicely with name along with NID card number for your document.

6. Now you have to select single or married in marital room.

7. Provide your emergency number so that you can be contacted easily.

8. Select the number of years you want to do 5 or 10 years.
9. Now you have to pay. Here you will get two methods one online and offline. If you want, it is better to do it through the bank.

10. Submit the latest passport form at your district passport office.

How to Payment E- Passport fee?

How to pay passport fee? You will get two options to make payment online and offline. If you want to pay online then you have to use credit card. And you can pay passport application fee through offline banking status rocket, cash. How much fee to pay for passport application? If you have a regular passport, you have to pay 4000 thousand for 5 years, 7050 for 10 years. To get express delivery, you need 6350 taka for 5 years, 8300 taka for 10 years. And if you super express delivery 8625 for 5 years, 10350 for 100 years.

How many days to get the passport now? How many days it takes for delivery is up to you. Because the delivery date has to be selected at the time of passport submission. You can get passport in 2, 10, 21 days if you want.

Requirements for E- Passport Application

What do you need for passport application? Here you must first fulfill your age. Then you need NID or birth registration card. You will need your home information. If you are a government person then the document will be required. You will need to get the payment slip at the time of application. With all this information you can apply for passport.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. How to do Passport Application?

To apply for a passport, first you need to enter  www.passport.gov.bd. Then the home page will appear in front of you. From there you have to click on the application option. Now you have to give your date of birth, month, year, father’s name, mother’s name and NID. Besides, the empty cells must be filled correctly. Finally you have to click on submit button.