Passport Online Application-

Passport Online Application– You can apply for passport at home if you want. Because the opportunity to apply through passport online has been given. It reduces the suffering of common people and saves time. But how to apply for passport? For that you need to know the right rules and processes. For that, you have to visit the passport office of the country where you will get the passport. If you are from Bangladesh then enter their passport office. Now do you know the official website link of passport office? You can find out in this article.

Also, you can find all the process of passport from our, how old it takes to get a passport, what is required to get a passport, how to get a passport, how to download a passport copy, how to apply for a passport renewal, how many days it will take to get a passport copy, passport application Go down to see how much the fee will be, how to do the passport check Online.

Passport Online Application

How to do Passport Online Application? To apply for passport you need to visit the official website Because there is only one officially approved by the government for passporting. Here you can enter and complete the application online with all the details. Being online now has many benefits for people. Because if you want to get a passport first, you have to go to the broker and passport office and stand in line. As a result, it is very difficult to apply for a passport. But due to online E process you can easily apply within 5-10 minutes. Now the question is do you know the processes of passporting? Because to apply you have to fill many steps.

What things do you need to apply for a passport? Of course some things will be required while applying. If you are applying from Bangladesh then you must be a citizen of Bangladesh. However, today we will share information about passport application in this article.

How to do Passport Online Application

How to do Passport Application? To do the passport you have to click on their official website. Then login to the site from there. Now provide all your information and biodata. Once the application form is filled, submit it to the passport office. Also those who don’t know about the application follow the below steps.

Passport Online Application


  • Step 1. First, enter the browser from the computer or mobile.
  • Step 2. There you have to write the E passport officially website and search.
  • Step 3. Then the Passport website will appear in front of you. From there you directly click on online application.
  • Step 4. Now there will be a question whether e-passport check is available in your area? Below is the option click yes of course. Then select the country you are importing from below. Now enter your district, police station name and click on launch option.

Passport Online Application

  • Step 5. Now provide the email id it will ask you. Fill the human captcha below correctly and click on continue button.
  • Step 6. You must provide your personal mobile number. Again you have to fill in the human captcha below. Click on the Next button.
  • Step 7. Now a new interface will appear where you have to provide your account information. For that provide you username, last name, full name, password.
  • Step 8. An email verification link has been sent to you that will redirect you to a new page. For that you have to enter email from there click on hair. Then you will get the option to sign up the website. Sign up now with you email and password.
  • Step 9. This will allow you to apply for a passport and access their website.
  • Step 10. Now you have to choose the type of passport. You will get Ordinary and Official option there choose any one.
  • Step 11. Now you have to provide ID document. Select if you have a previous passport, or if you have a passport from another country.
  • Step 12. Then provide your father’s information. Have to give your father’s name, NID card, occupation, citizenship. In the same way, provide your details and click on the next button.
  • Step 13. Get the Guardian Document option. However, you can give it as an option or not.
  • Step 14. Now select the option whether you are married or single.
  • Step 15. Select to get emergency contact option. Give all the information of your wife here.
  • Step 16. Now you will get another page, there will be passport option. Among them, select 48 pages, 64 pages, 5, 10 for how many years.
  • Step 17. The last step is to get the delivery option. What type of passport will be provided here. If you choose regular delivery and express delivery. Then select how many days you want to get your passport. Now submit this form to the passport office by paying the fee.

Special Note: Passport is a very sensitive matter. Is there any mistake? There is an edit option next to each option to see if it is wrong. By clicking there you can write correctly.

Required for Passport Application

What is required for Passport Application? To apply, you have to prepare the necessary things in advance. Because to apply for a passport, you must first complete 18 years. There are also terms and conditions for passport application which are given below.

  • Passport application copy will be required.
  • Passport summary will be required.
  • Passport fee payment paper must be submitted.
  • You will need your NID card to do the passport.
  • You will need Bengali and English birth registration card.
  • Certificate of proof of urine will be required.
  • If you have any previous passport then you need to provide passport copy.

You will need the above things to apply for a passport. So, before you apply, you should prepare all these information. Then go to passport office to apply.

Passport Application Fee and Payment Option

Today we will discuss this post Passport online Application Fee and Payment Option in detail. So that candidates know about the fee while applying. How much does the passport fee now? You will get few options while paying the fee. For example e-passport 4025 taka for 5 years and 5750 taka for 10 years have to be paid in delivery. Again if you want to pay more money for express delivery. And how to pay this fee? For that you can pay the fee through VISA, Master Card, American Express, bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay, Dmoney, OK Wallet, Bank Asia, Brack Bank, EBL, City Bank, UCB, AB Bank, DBBL, Midland Bank. You can also check below for details about application fee and payment options.

How many days will it take to receive the passport after applying? Here will depend on you. If you want, you can get it in 15, 30 and emergency way in 2 days.
Regular Delivery: 15 working days
Express Delivery: Within 7-10 days
Super Express Delivery: 2 days

Passport fees years and 48 pages for Bangladesh

Regular delivery: TK 4,025
Express delivery: TK 6,325
Express delivery: TK 8,625

e-Passport fees 10  years and  64 pages for Bangladesh
Regular delivery: TK 5,750
Express delivery: TK 8,050
Express delivery: TK 10,350

e-Passport with 64 pages and 5 years validity
Regular delivery: TK 6,325
Express delivery: TK 8,625
Super Express delivery: TK 12,075

e-Passport with 64 pages and 10 years validity
Regular delivery: TK 8,050
Express delivery: TK 10,350
Super Express delivery: TK 13,800

Passport Registration Online

Why do Passport Registration? Because if you want to go to a foreign country, you have to take approval through passport. With passport you can go anywhere in the world for education, medical travel and work. The passport of the country you are a citizen of is conditional. Now how do you do E Passport Registration? For that you need to enter Bangladesh passport portal website There you will find the form to apply. Fill those forms accurately. And to submit this form to the passport office, your passport will be prepared and handed over to the police through verification. To apply for a passport, you must be a citizen of the country.

Passport Application Form PDF Download

Why do you want to download Passport Application Form PDF? Because when you submit the application form to the passport office, you have to set the download copy of the application. Because all your information is given in this copy. And based on this copy you have to provide the information. So how to download passport copy? For that you need to visit passport office’s own website Login there with your email and password. There you will see all the information to apply. And if you click on that application form you will get download option. Now you can download and save. If there is a problem with the bar code, you can let us know in the comment box below. Then I will discuss the rules for downloading the application copy with the bar code.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. How to apply for e-passport?
To apply for a passport, check the website in your browser. Provide all your personal information by entering this site. Then you enter the information along with birth registration and ID card. Then go to the passport office and submit the application form.

Q. How can I check my MRP passport status?
To check MRP passport you need to visit the official website link of passport office. It will ask for username and password and login correctly. Then you can check the MRP passport application form.

Q. How much is passport fee in Bangladesh?
E Passport fee is 4,025 rupees for 48 pages regularly for 5 years. And for express delivery you have to pay 6,325 taka, for express delivery 8,625 taka. And for 10 years, the cost of 64 pages will be Rs 5,750 for regular delivery, Rs 8,050 for express delivery, Rs 10,350 for express delivery.